Astin is a guitarist and singer-songwriter from Denver, Colorado


Astin began playing guitar at the age of 13. He quickly found an

obsession in the instrument and was playing non-stop. After taking

lessons and learning music theory in school, Astin began to write his own music.

This culminated in a series of demos when he turned 18. Unsatisfied

with the quality of the recordings, he decided to further pursue music in higher education.


After meeting new people and learning new things in college, Astin

ultimately released Futility and Accomplishment in 2018, his first EP and first official release.

The struggle of fitting in and adjusting to new life in college and beyond

was the theme of Futility and Accomplishment. Elegant nylon string guitar

passages and smooth vocals made this EP a powerful listen. 

After years of refining his craft, Astin is back with Shame Spiral, his newest EP.


Elegant nylon string guitar passages are back, but with soaring electric guitar leads,

vocal harmonies, and exquisite production.


Astin is currently playing around the Denver area to promote Shame Spiral

and hopes to go even further by the end of 2023.

Shows and Appearances

Previous events


Astin on KGNU

1390AM 88.5FM

Astin is getting interviewed on KGNU's Afternoon Sound Alternative to talk about his latest release Shame Spiral and upcoming shows. Listen live on 1390AM and 88.5FM or online at


Shame Spiral


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The second EP by singer-songwriter and guitarist Astin. This collection of songs was written during the Covid lockdown period and deal with themes of isolation, not belonging, and trying to figure out yourself.

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